Vism sponsors the "In Conversation With" interview series by Fespa UK

We are honored to support crucial discussions with seasoned experts on sustainability, technology and education in printing industry.

Specialist large-format print & signage workflow software provider Vism have partnered with FESPA UK, the association bringing together the talents of wide-format digital, textile, industrial and specialist printers across the UK to sponsor their inaugural "In Conversation With" video series.

In the series, FESPA UK will be ‘In Conversation With’ seasoned experts across a range of thought-provoking, ‘big picture’ themes such as leadership and future trends, delving into the topics that association members have flagged as most important to them, including sustainability and the environment, technology & innovation, education and training.

We’re proud to be supporting this brilliant initiative and can’t wait to see what’s next in the series.

The first two episodes of the series are already live over on the FESPA UK website, where Karis Copp talks with Bill Mann about the importance of leadership in times of change, and with Andy Harris on the value vs price debate and that every-hot topic of a race to the bottom on price.

Look out for more fantastic conversations from FESPA UK and Vism very soon.

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