Embracing Change: In Conversation With Bill Mann

Sun Apr 04 2021

Welcome to the In Conversation With series from Vism. This series features a range of inspirational leaders who have set themselves apart through their skills and leadership.

In our first episode, Karis Copp spoke to Bill Mann about the very current topic of change. Bill’s approach to tackling change stems from a sequence of life-changing events nearly two decades ago. Since then, he has inspired people through his message of finding new opportunities during periods of uncertainty.

We talked to Bill about facing unexpected change and how understanding the human side of this journey is the first step to leading your business out of a crisis.

About Bill Mann

In addition to his role as Chief Operations Officer at Vism, Bill is an executive coach, author and speaker. You can find out more about Bill on his website, here.

About Vism

Hundreds of wide-format print and signage professionals across the UK use Vism’s software to manage their day-to-day work. Vism includes a client portal, a project management dashboard and an installer app for iPhone and Android, built in collaboration with customers. Together they help teams across the graphics and signage industry to deliver a streamlined and efficient installation service. To find out more, visit www.vism.io

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